JOBalong’s aim is to awaken the entrepreneur in you. We have all been programmed to get the job, pay the mortgage and retire with just enough not to live the “dream life” we all worked for. Times are changing fast and it is time to take control of your own life and dreams. “Entrepreneurs spend a few years like no one wants to, to spend the rest of their lives like no one can.” Warren G Tracy’s Student.




About Us

JOBalong has been in existence for over 5 years. We want to make a difference in people’s lives. JOBalong is about taking action as entrepreneurship equals action. Good ideas and beautiful dreams are essential for entrepreneurship, but it will stay ideas and dreams until action makes it reality.

About the founder: Erasmus Hendrikse:

“I have always been an entrepreneur at heart but have only been full of ideas with no action. I have worked for a few small businesses during the start-up phase and have been working for a multinational corporate for the last 5 years. It took me a long time to identify what I really want to do as it is comfortable working for a company. However, when I sat down and assessed my situation I realised that I will most probably not be able to retire at all. I studied as a side hustle, I had many ideas for passive income and get rich quick schemes, but I soon realised that life is about knowing what you want to do and laying a good foundation for that and persevering through good and bad times. I was so surprised when I ventured into a new world wanting to meet new people, how easy it was to change and how a different profile on LinkedIn connects you with new people and opens new doors.”
There is an acronym that is used for the time we live in; VUCA (Google it).  We don’t have to make people aware of the uncertainty in the world but we need to learn to embrace it.
Join us on the journey to connect entrepreneurs, take action and make a difference to ourselves and the world.


Awaken the entrepreneur in you

The “Awaken the Entrepreneur in You” Course will help you identify your field of interest, identify your entrepreneur personality and give you guidance on how to approach a new venture by minimising the risk and improving your chances to succeed.


  1. Entering the world as an entrepreneur.
  2. Wealth dynamics test (If you do it online it will cost you R950)
  3. Identify your fields of interest – Brainwave Career Guide (Course valued AT R170)
  4. Great opportunity to network with potential entrepreneurs – The entrepreneur world is a lonely world but a good network is critical to your success.
  5. Refreshments

Value of complete course:
Cost: R1500
Wealth dynamics test (If you do it online it will cost you R1400)
Brainwave Career Guide (valued at R250)
Special gift!


Wealth Dynamics Personality Test (R950)

Wealth Dynamics is the only personality test that tells you exactly what strategy you should follow to build wealth. Created by Roger Hamilton.

Why I recommend it:
After taking this test, you will know your exact entrepreneur profile. This test is brilliant for entrepreneurs wanting to know where their strenghts and weaknesses lie, and will also advise you on which entrepreneur profiles will compliment yours.

Already included in “Awaken the entrepreneur in you” course (at discounted price)
Roger Hamilton explains the Wealth Dynamics test:

Brainwave Career Guide

Brainwave Careers believe that every individual has unique potential, value and purpose on earth. They educate and motivate both teachers and learners through remedial programmes, training, workshops and courses as well as psychometric evaluations and lifelong educational services.
Why I recommend it:
A lot of us have forgotten what our dreams, passions and interests are. Life happens, you move from one job to another, and before you know it you find yourself in a place opposite of where you would have wanted to be. As an entrepreneur you’ll go through easy and difficult times. It is important to know your interests, dreams and passions, as these are the things that will carry you through the difficult times and remind you why you are doing what you are doing. This test will show where your interests lie and will give you practical options of industry and career starting points.

Already included in “Awaken the entrepreneur in you” course (at discounted price)


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